Stone Guardian is a low-poly style 3rd person action-adventure game where you play as a guardian that needs to find the disappeared Stone. To find it he needs to enter the magical world and face challenges.

Something wakes guardian up – the Stone is missing. Guardian starts to look for clues and discovers that one of his great enemies is still alive! Every 1000 years the Stone releases its full power. Enemy has waited for it and stole it to become unbeatable. Guardian still has time to retrieve it. Help him by joining to his great journey into the magical world and get back the Stone in time!

Two worlds
  There are two parallel worlds. The Human world and The Magical world. In the Human world everything happens as it happens in the Human world. In the Magical world happens magic… Different creatures and monsters live there. The Magical world is entered through teleports or special entrances.
Why the Human world and the Magical world differ in era? 
That’s because humans don’t use magic and they are forced to develop in technology and science. 

For centuries the Stone is hidden somewhere in the Human world for the safety of both worlds. The Stone is guarded by the Stone Guardian who will be awaken if something bad happens with the Stone. 

The Human world and the Magical world must exist in balance to keep peace in the Universe. Enemy of the Stone Guardian has arrived to break this balance.